Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

One of the most common reasons for delaying the start of an exercise program is the perception of not having enough time. I say perception because, in reality, we could all have the time.

I know that at least some of you reacted to that statement with a, no time ?

“NO, really, I don’t!” Maybe that is true for a very few, but let’s look at how we could, if we really wanted to, carve out the time to fit in some exercise.

Let’s start with how much time we need to find. Workouts don’t need to take hours each day. I’ve put together 15 minute workouts for some of my clients that can be quite effective. The Tabata protocol is effective and its only 4 minutes long (and who can’t fit in 4 minutes). So, fitting in your workout becomes more about what time can you dedicate to a workout and then choosing the most “bang for your buck” exercises to perform in that time.

Here are a few ways to find or make the time you need.

Get up earlier – Let’s face it, if you get up a little bit earlier, you can fit some exercise in. Initially it may not be easy to roll out of bed sooner than you normally do, but it can quickly become a habit.

Chunk it up – You can break up your workout into smaller segments. Do a few minutes here, a few minutes there.

Schedule an appointment – You know that if you needed to set a meeting with your boss or one of your employees, you would find the time, book it, and stick to it. So, with the same commitment, book an appointment with yourself for exercise and stick to it.

Exercise before dinner – For most people, once you eat dinner and get into that relaxed mode, exercise just isn’t going to happen. Commit to doing some kind of exercise before you sit down to eat.

Obviously, these are just a few of the possibilities, but, hopefully they give you some ideas about how you can find/make the time to fit exercise in. After all, isn’t taking care of yourself worth a little schedule manipulation?

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