Strength for a Lifetime… The Book

I’m starting to write my second book. My first was one for fitness professionals, The Business of Personal Training and teaching personal trainers about how to build their business is a passion of mine. However, this next book is for the individual that needs help getting started in a strength program, progressing with it, and continuing with it for a lifetime.

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The challenge for many people is that most books for the beginner explain how it all works and supplies the reader with exercises/workouts to do. It’s all very generic and not very individualized. What I hope to accomplish with my book is to explain the importance and basic concepts (as most books do) and then teach the reader how to structure, modify, progress, and grow their own workouts as they need. I want to empower the reader to take charge of physical capabilities, to live long, strong, active and independent lives.

As I map out the content, I’d love to hear about what frustrates you most about getting into shape and what the greatest physical challenges are for you. Please let me know in the comments. Thanks!